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I don't know about you but I'm glad 2016 is over.
I can't say it was all bad. I had a lot of learning experiences and I'm coming up to age 26 with more confidence than ever.

But I also hit rock bottom. I won't go into details but trust me when I say, I felt pretty low about myself as the year came to an end. That's why I'm motivated to kick ass this year. I don't have resolutions, I have a plan.

I'm detoxing myself this year. Changing things that I complained about last year. Changing attitudes. And sticking to monthly goals I'm setting for myself. And I'm taking you along for the ride.

If you need it, I hope this motivates you to do something similar.
Here are a few small things I did to help kick start Operation 2017.

(one) Purchased a fun(ctional) agenda I'll want to use.

I love agendas. It's easy to find one that fits your personality and they offer different sizes as well.

(two) I set goals for myself by the month.

I find it's easier to set them by month versus setting resolutions for the whole year.
Make sure you know yourself and set goals that are achievable. For example, I'm freaking lazy. I want to go to the gym more often but I know setting a goal of 5 days a week is ludicrous.
I also find it's easier to start off small. That way you get into the habit of doing it and it becomes easier to meet more difficult goals as the months go by.

(three) Closet detox

I gave myself a fresh start by getting rid of clothes I never wore or barely wore last year. I only kept things I know I'll wear throughout the whole year.
P.s. PLEASE Recycle properly. Most clothes are not recycled properly and end up polluting our planet :(
H&M recycles textiles AND you get a coupon for doing so. For more information click here.If you want that money honey, you can also try to sell your clothes at stores like Buffalo Exchange, Crossroads Trading Co. or on the Poshmark App.

(four) I began to incorporate characteristics of minimalism into my daily life.

I'll have a post dedicated to minimalism entirely later on but you can click here  for a little information on what minimalism is about.
Basically, I've kept account on what matters to me and try to get rid of the excess. I know I can never be a pure minimalist; yo girl likes her shopping. But I have started to think twice about what I buy and have begun to look for value in things.
My bank account likes it too.

(five) Put myself first.

A problem I see for a lot of great people out there. We tend to give ourselves to jerks, jobs that make us unhappy, or situations in general that we don't want to be in. All for the sake of other people.
I want to change that.
I want to be surrounded by people that make me happy, love my job, and be in situations I want to be in. And I think it's time for great people to be a little selfish.
Allow yourself to have what you deserve because nobody else will do it for you.

If anybody needed some motivation, I hope this post inspired you to roundhouse kick not only 2017 but life!

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