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 THE LEOPARD COAT : Flash Series

When I think of flash photography I think of cool, edgy photos that are also old-school. The same thoughts I get when I see a leopard coat. So for this lookbook, I decided to play with flash photography to set the mood. A leopard coat is the coolest winter piece I can think of.
 Give your outfit some TLC by wearing TLC (the leopard coat). How good was that?


I like to look like I'm about to workout and go do absolutely nothing of the sort. This is something I would wear to do anything in. I'm a pretty casual person so a graphic tee and leggings are always a go-to.

Shopping links:
Leopard Coat
Zara Tshirt (similar)
Leather leggings
White Nike sneakers 


This is something I would wear if I had a really classy job and they were having a really classy party. That way when I was guzzling down six glasses of wine, at least I'd look classy doing it. I started with an outfit that I'd wear by itself and popped on the leopard coat to add some edge. 

Shopping links:
White blouse (similar)
Wide legged trousers (similar)
Shoes (similar)


Oh hey, another casual look. I told you. I don't have an extravagant lifestyle, not now anyway. So these looks work for me and hopefully still inspire you.
PS I found these platform Converse at Nordstrom Rack for $22 :') Life is worth it.

Shopping Links:
Cropped black sweater is from Target (similar)
Boyfriend jeans (similar)
Fishnet socks
Black platform Converse (Could not find online)

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